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Well, that did not take long. Just as quickly as the Trump administration issued a new “policy” essentially barring all foreign students from being in the United States, the Trump administration caved in front of a federal court judge and withdrew the policy announcement. So, the memos of March 2020 remain in affect, allowing students to temporary attend online classes in full compliance with F-1 student visa regulations. While the Administration has “floated” the idea of barring entry to first year students coming from abroad, such a move would also be struck down as it would violate the same policies, laws, and constitutional provisions alleged in the complaint against the original policy.

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USCIS Furlough Plans for August 3 Continue to Move Forward – USCIS is expected to furlough more than two-thirds of its employees as of August 3, 2020, for at least a month and up to three months or more, if Congress does not pass sufficient emergency funding.

Proposed Rule Would Include Pandemic-Related “Emergency Public Health Concerns” for Consideration in Asylum/Withholding of Removal Eligibility Determinations – EOIR issued a proposed rule that would amend existing regulations to clarify that DHS and DOJ may consider emergency public health concerns based on communicable disease due to potential international threats from the “spread of pandemics” when deciding whether there are reasonable grounds for regarding a person as a danger to the security of the United States and, thus, ineligible for asylum or withholding of removal.

DOJ Settles With Florida Company Re Immigration-Related Discrimination Claims – The settlement resolves claims that Bel USA discriminated against work-authorized non-U.S. citizens by requiring them to provide specific and unnecessary immigration documents when verifying their work authorization.

President Trump Alludes to New Plans for DACA – After President Trump’s attempt to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals through the Supreme Court failed, at least in the short term, he referred to an “executive order” and a “bill” interchangeably that would make unspecified reforms. The reality is that that Trump’s word salad about DACA was utterly meaningless. USCIS has to accept new applications, and the President would be a fool to try to end again so close to the election.

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Charles Kuck spoke to INDUS-News about the Student Visa ban, a few hours before the Trump Administration backed off its plan to implement under threat of it being enjoined by a federal court.

Charles Kuck on behalf of KBI, submitted comments to the proposed rule making it almost impossible to apply for asylum in the United States. Read it here:


Charles Kuck wrote an Editorial on the impact of the Supreme Court’s DACA decision and what comes next: Commentary: Saving DACA Permanently Means Setting Georgia Up for Recovery

Charles Kuck spoke to the Arizona Republic about the effect of the new Student visa policy issued by ICE last week:

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