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USCIS Reopens and Premium Processing Restarts!

USCIS is reopen as of June 4, 2020. What does that mean. We all know that USCIS did not cease operations three months ago. It simply stopped doing interviews at its local offices and taking fingerprints at its application support centers (and of course, it stopping swearing in new citizens). All of those activities restart, in most US cities, on June 4. What that means for each city depends not only the level of COVID-19 infections there, but, now, also on the level of civil unrest. Stayed tuned to our Facebook page for updates and videos about these daily changes.

USCIS also announced that it is resuming premium processing for a variety of case types, but only under specific conditions. This seems odd, given that USCIS also announced that it will have to close down in July because it is running out of money! You would think the agency would open all case types for “premium” processing, just to get the money it needs to avoid shutting down!

Finally, late on Friday afternoon last week, the Trump administration issued a proclamation limiting students visas for nationals of China. Read below for more on this proclamation.

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Here is the Immigration News You NEED to Know Now


Trump Proclamation Limits Chinese Students and Researchers in the United States – President Trump has issued a proclamation limiting Chinese students wishing to study in the United States to undergraduates under certain conditions, and limiting Chinese researchers.
USCIS To Begin Resuming Public Services June 4 – USCIS is preparing some domestic offices to reopen and resume non-emergency public services “on or after” June 4, 2020.
Premium Processing to Resume for Certain Petitions – USCIS will resume premium processing for Forms I-129 (Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker) and I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers) soon.
DHS Extends Border Restrictions with Mexico and Canada Until June 22 – The restrictions, which temporarily limit the travel of individuals from those countries into the United States at land ports of entry along the border, limit travel to “essential travel” as defined in the notices.
DHS ‘Temporary Final Rule’ Eases Certain H-2B Requirements Through Sept. 11, 2020 – DHS has published a temporary final rule to ease certain H-2B requirements “to help secure the U.S. food supply chain and reduce the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency on H-2B employers.”
Secretary of Labor Issues Final Rule Authorizing His Discretionary Review of BALCA, ARB Decisions – The Office of the Secretary of Labor issued a final rule, effective June 19, 2020, to establish a system of discretionary secretarial review over cases pending before or decided by the BALCA, and to make technical changes to regulations governing the timing and finality of decisions of the ARB and BALCA.
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Government Agency Links

Follow these links to access current processing times of the USCIS Service Centers and the Department of Labor, and the Department of State’s latest Visa Bulletin with the most recent cut-off dates for visa numbers:
USCIS Service Center processing times online:
Department of State Visa Bulletin:

Kuck Baxter Immigration — In The News

Charles Kuck spoke to Univision News about the effect of the USCIS shutdown on people’s pending immigration cases, and the negative effects of a delayed naturalization. The video is at
Charles Kuck was quoted by the Times of India in “Class Action Lawsuit Against H-1B Denials for Market Research Analysts Gathers Steam.” Mr. Kuck said, “USCIS does not like being sued. The class action lawsuit actually resulted in USCIS re-opening and approving the plaintiff’s H-1B applications for market research analysts. We would love for more employers and employees to join our suit—there is no cost in doing so.” The article is at
Charles Kuck was featured on Univision’s Conexion show discussing, “What is the Impact of Trump’s Executive Order Limiting Legal Immigration?” The video is at
Charles Kuck spoke to 11 Alive News in Atlanta on how the Trump Immigration Proclamation will impact Immigration Applicants:
Charles Kuck spoke to BuzzFeed News about helping people understand what IS and what IS NOT impacted by the Trump Proclamation:
Charles Kuck had an editorial published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution calling for the reinstatement of DACA by the Trump Administration:
Charles Kuck talked about the impact on immigrant families of the Covid-19 Crisis with the Atlanta Journal Constitution:
Charles Kuck‘s comments were featured in an article on H-1Bs with Brietbart (not the place you might normally see a pro-immigration lawyer being quoted!):
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