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The paperwork required to receive an H1B visa has increased dramatically under the Trump administration, in its effort to build the invisible wall to reduce legal immigration to the United States. As part of the administration’s promise to crack down on ALL types of immigration, the Trump administration has increased the bureaucracy H1B applicants and employment visa applicants face. What does this mean for workers who want to immigrate to the U.S. to work and for applicants looking to extend their visas? It means that having an immigration lawyer like Kuck Baxter Immigration in Atlanta, Georgia is more important than ever. With more paperwork to do, the risk of making a small mistake that could delay your application has increased. In addition, proactive preparation can prevent unnecessary delays.

The US Citizen and Immigration Services has been making more requests for evidence, for H1B applicants. Numerous reports show a 40% increase in these requests for evidence (RFEs). In some cases, we are being asked to respond to secondary requests for evidence after fulfilling a first request, and answering it completely.  This is USCIS’s way of trying to deny more cases. What’s the best way to avoid a delay in the application process? We assist applicants in being more thorough in their applications by anticipating some of the extra-regulatory requests and by sending this information when it is available to avoid delays. Having your paperwork in order is now more important than ever. A qualified immigration lawyer can help you get organized from the start to avoid delays and surprises. Requests for more information are making it costlier for American companies to hire foreign applicants and means that companies might have to wait longer before the employees can get to work.

If you are considering applying for a work visa, an immigration lawyer can help you decide which kind of visa might be best for you. If you want to work in the U.S. and are considering applying for a work visa, or need help renewing or extending a current work visa, consider speaking to the work visa lawyers at Kuck Baxter Immigration in Atlanta, Georgia.

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