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President Trump last Sunday issued a proclamation limiting or barring immigration from eight countries. Five of the six countries affected by the previous travel ban will still be affected by the new proclamation (restrictions on Sudan were lifted), and new restrictions have been placed on travel from Chad, Venezuela, and North Korea.

Unlike the 90-day travel ban that went into effect in June, the new limitations and restrictions will remain in force permanently or until conditions in the affected countries are determined to have changed to the extent that the restrictions are no longer necessary.

If you are a national of Chad, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, or Yemen and you wish to travel or immigrate to the United States, contact Kuck Immigration Partners for assistance. An immigration lawyer from our firm will help you understand how the revised travel ban affects your situation. Call 404-816-8611 to schedule a consultation with an immigration attorney in Atlanta.

New Travel Ban Does Not Specifically Exclude People with a Bona Fide Relationship to a U.S. Person or Entity

The U.S. Supreme Court allowed certain parts of the travel ban that went into effect in June to proceed, but the Court ruled that the ban could not affect people with a bona fide connection to a U.S. person or entity. The new proclamation, however, does not have a specific exclusion for people with such relationships.

Although nationals of certain countries such as Iraq are not banned, they will have to undergo enhanced scrutiny before entering the United States.

The restrictions are different for each country affected by the ban. For example:

  • Nationals of Chad, Yemen, and Libya will no longer be able to enter the United States as immigrants or non-immigrants on business-tourist, tourist, or business visas.
  • Nationals of Iran will no longer be able to enter the country as immigrants or non-immigrants unless under a valid exchange visitor or student visa. Nationals of Iran who apply for those visas will be subject to more intense screening requirements.
  • Entry into the United States for a limited number of nationals of Venezuela has been suspended specifically for certain government officials and their immediate family members on non-immigrant tourist, business-tourist, and business visas.
  • Nationals of North Korea and Syria will no longer be able to enter the United States as immigrants or non-immigrants.
  • Non-immigrants from Somalia will be subject to more intense vetting requirements, and entry of Somalia nationals as immigrants has been suspended.

If you are concerned that the recent travel ban will affect your immigration goals, contact Kuck Immigration Partners. Our attorneys have successfully handled tens of thousands of immigration matters over the past 28 years. Call 404-816-8611 today to schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer in Atlanta.

Charles Kuck

Managing Partner