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Who Can Qualify for the EB-1 First Preference Visa?

By October 26, 2016No Comments
The EB-1 visa program allows highly skilled immigrants to become lawful permanent residents in the United States. These visas are available to immigrants who are outstanding researchers or professors, have extraordinary abilities, or are multinational managers or executives. In order to obtain an EB-1 visa, immigrants must provide extensive evidence to prove they meet the program’s strict eligibility requirements.

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Read on to learn about the three categories of immigrants who may qualify for an EB-1 visa:
Who Qualifies for the EB-1 Visa?
As previously stated, there are three categories of immigrants who may qualify for the EB-1 visa:
·         Outstanding researchers or professors;
·         People with extraordinary ability; and
·         Multinational managers or executives.
Outstanding Researchers or Professors
Immigrants who have earned international recognition for their academic achievements may qualify for EB-1 visas. Applicants must have spent three years researching or training in a particular academic area. They must also enter the United States with the intention to pursue a tenure track teaching or fill a comparable research position at a university or another higher-education institution.
Immigrants with Extraordinary Ability
EB-1 visas are also available to immigrants who demonstrate extraordinary ability in business, athletics, the arts or sciences, or education. Applicants must prove that their achievements are recognized within their field by providing extensive documentation.
Multinational Executives or Managers
You may be eligible for an EB-1 visa if you are a multinational manager or executive. In order to qualify, you must have been employed by a corporation or firm for at least one year within the three years leading up to your petition.
As U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services explains, eligible applicants must have held an executive or managerial position with that employer, or with an affiliate or subsidiary of that employer. Applicants must also have the intention to continue services for that firm or organization when they enter the United States.
Should I Hire an Employment Visa Attorney to Help with My EB-1 Visa Application?
A small mistake on the EB-1 visa application process could delay your approval or lead to a denial of your petition. As such, it is advisable that you consult an immigration attorney before submitting your application. Your lawyer will evaluate your application for errors and help you gather the necessary documentation to prove your eligibility.

If you have questions about the EB-1 visa, contact Kuck Immigration Partners. Charles Kuck is an employment visa lawyer in Atlanta who will evaluate your situation and provide comprehensive legal guidance. Schedule a consultation today by calling 404-816-8611.
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