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Bad News on SB 404–Georgia Takes a Step Backwards on Immigration

By February 24, 2014No Comments
Bad news.  We were told today that the House Committee on Motor Vehicles could possibly substitute into HB 621 the DACA Drivers License Takeaway bill language in SB 404.  At the committee hearing today, Chairman Rice said he was postponing today’s hearing on HB 621 til tomorrow. 
But, while our group was in the House hearing room, the Senate Non-Civil Judiciary Committee heard, voted on and passed the actual SB 404, without amendment!!
There was no notice of the hearing, nor was there anyone present to speak against it. SB 404 now goes to the Senate Rules committee, which is usually perfunctory, and which is charged by Senator Mullis.  Call Senator Mullis now and ask him to stop SB 404 for having been passed through committed in violation of Senate rules.  You can reach him at (404) 656-0057
We need a very loud call on this to alert Georgians that our Senators are breaking their own rules in an attempt to hurt children and damage, once again, Georgia’s reputation.    We plan on notifying everyone of the hearing time tomorrow on HB 621, as soon as we are made aware of it, but strongly urge you to call your GOP Senator to urge him to vote against SB 404, if and when this bill comes up for a vote on the Senate floor.

Charles Kuck

Managing Partner