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Why HB 125 Must Be Defeated

By March 11, 2013No Comments

HB 125 is Bad for Business, Bad for the Economy, Bad for Immigrants and Bad for Georgia.

Section 1 expands HB 87 (Georgia’s Anti-Immigration law) by modifying its “Definitions” of “contractor” and to which entities HB 87 applies
Section 2 extends HB 87’s E-Verify Requirement and Future IMAGE requirement to every employer in Georgia
Section 2 expands the scope of the mandate of the un-oversighted Immigration Enforcement Review Board
Section 3 modifies and increases the mandatory application of E-Verify to Georgia Employers
Section 3 increases compliance costs for State Agencies, Counties and Municipalities
Section 4, while limiting HB 87’s compliance requirement to NEW licenses, requires additional compliance efforts by businesses and state agencies, counties and municipalities
Section 5 substantially modifies the penalties imposable by the Immigration Enforcement Review Board
Section 6 eliminates the Federal and Attorney General definitions of “Public Benefits” and greatly expands what are prohibited “Public Benefits” under HB 87
Section 6 adds as “Public Benefits” Homestead Exemptions, Public and Assisted Housing, Retirement Benefits, Driver Licenses, Grants and Tax Credits

Section 6 takes away Driver’s Licenses from federal DACA beneficiaries who already have driver’s license under current state law!
Section 6 will require Hundreds of thousands of Georgia Homeowners to prove their legal immigration status (including citizens) to get a Homestead Exemption!
Section 6 also bars ALL undocumented students from attending any Georgia college or university even if they pay in-state tuition and even if they are DACA beneficiaries
Section 7 eliminates the use of a foreign passportas a secure and verifiable document, eliminating the ability of any foreign national form showing their immigration status to obtain a Georgia License, or from signing to obtain lawful benefits for their US Citizen children.
Section 8 mandates creation of a new immigration compliance system, which is unfunded and unnecessary for any legitimate state purpose.
Section 9 implements all these changes on July 1, 2013.
Section 10 repeals all contravening laws and statutes, without mentioning them.
HB 125 is the steroid needed to revive the failure that was HB 87.
HB 125 is bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for our state’s image. 

Simply put, HB 125 is bad for Georgia.

Charles Kuck

Managing Partner