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Grumpy Ex-Consular Officer Not The Best Source of Immigration Reform Advice

By February 8, 2013One Comment

Having been an immigration lawyer for almost one-quarter of a century, I have heard thousands of stories of surly, rude, grumpy and downright mean Consular Officers at U.S. Consulates around the world. Songs are sung of the families they have kept apart, the U.S. employers they have left without key employees, and the souls who’s dreams they have crushed.  One example of such an officer, apparently, is the writer of an opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune this week, who believes that there is no reason whatsoever for immigration reform, and that anyone who came in without papers, or who overstayed their visa, is the lowest form of humanity, regardless of their reason for doing so.  

This attitude and letter reminded me of this video about the reasons why a person can be denied a visa.  I wonder if consular officers sing this song at night to be prepared to interview the next day.   (Actually, I know many consular officers and they are stellar human beings and terrific at issuing visas, but as in all things, there are exceptions).  

Charles Kuck

Managing Partner

One Comment