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Immigration and The Anti-Immigrationists

Some recent articles have focused on the lack of discussion on immigration during the presidential campaign. This should come as no surprise to anyone who lived through last year’s debacle on immigration reform. The reality is that “immigration” is the new third rail of American Politics. Touch it, and you die (at least politically). This reflects nothing more than a misunderstanding of the impact of positive immigration reform would have on our society and our economy. What would the Anti-immigrationists do, if they could not rail again “Illegal” aliens?

Now, do not be fooled by the standard Lou Dobbs retort: “I am completely in favor of legal immigration.” In fact, one of the leaders of the Anti-Immigration movement, Mark Krikorian, recently made it quite clear in his new book, “The New Case Against Immigration: Both Legal and Illegal.” Krikorian, finally comes clean on his movement’s real purpose–Stop all immigration. This position reeks of the Know-Nothing politics of the 1850s, reflects bias unbefitting our society, disrespects the enormous positive impact of immigrants to the United States, and most importantly, is just plain wrong.

It is imperative that those who understand and support positive, legal immigration to the United States for us, our children, our future, and our nation, not be cowtowed into not voicing their concern at the anti-immigrant bias expressed by those in the Anti-immigration Lobby.