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Georgia Driver’s License Rules Have Changed! – Adjustment of Status and Cancellation of Removal Applicants

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) has changed its position on driver’s licenses for certain immigrants and is now giving driver’s licenses to immigrants who are applying for adjustment of status (a green card) or who have a cancellation of removal case pending with the immigration court. In September of 2015 DDS began denying licenses to immigrants in these categories but has changed its rule.
How Do I know if I Can Get a License?
If you don’t know what type of case you have pending with immigration, just look at the “category” on your work permit. If your category is (a)(12), (a)(14), (c)(8), (c)(9), (c)(10), (c)(33), you can get a license.

What Documents Do I Need to Bring to DDS to Get a License?
1) A valid, unexpired passport
2) A valid, unexpired work permit showing category (a)(12), (a)(14), (c)(8), (c)(9), (c)(10), (c)(33)
2) Your I-797C notice that states one of the following:
      a) Pending adjustment of status application (I-485) 
      b) Pending Cancellation of Removal (EOIR 42B) NOTE: If you have pending Cancellation of Removal, you MUST ALSO bring your I-797C receipt notice from your pending Adjustment of Status application (I-485). EVERY Cancellation of Removal applicant is sent an I-797C for an I-485.

      c) Pending asylum or withholding of removal (I-589)
      d) Approved DACA
      e) Approved Deferred Action (U visa applicants included)
      f) Approved TPS
What do I do if DDS says I’m not eligible for a license because of my immigration status?

Kindly ask to see a supervisor. The immigration documentation you have is very different from the type of documentation DDS employees usually review. Some employees might not know about the rule change or understand it. A supervisor is more likely to know the rules. If you are still denied a license and you are sure you have the right paperwork, apply at a different DDS office. If you are still denied, contact us!
Can I Get A License if I Am Completely Undocumented?

Unfortunately you cannot get a license in Georgia if you are a completely undocumented immigrant. But we are working on this and will continue to push for change!
– Anna Erwin, Esq.


  • Tek says:

    I have this very issue. I am Australian and I live in Savannah GA. I am in the final stage of the green card process so – pending I -485. I was issued a EAD "Parole" card to use. However they have refused all documents.
    Passport – No
    SS – No
    EAD Parole card – No
    Pending I-797 the I-485 form conformation – No was they said it "says" pending!
    So now I have no way to drive my children to school or get around. GA is one backward state.

  • Harrison Otieno says:

    Can I use I 797c notice of action or the receipt notice to renew or extend my license