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Ex-Police Officer From El Salvador Who Was Threatened And Shot By Members of The Mara Gang Will Get To Stay in The U.S.

By March 14, 2016No Comments
I had the pleasure and blessing to work with a man from El Salvador who used to work as an officer of the National Civil Police (or Policía Nacional Civil—in Spanish). He arrived to the U.S. (without documentation) after fleeing El Salvador following death threats and several encounters where he was shot by members of the Mara gang. After litigating the case for several months, my client had his final trial this past Friday, March 11, in Lumpkin, GA, where the Immigration Judge decided that he will get to remain in the U.S.
This man, who was detained in Stewart Detention Center (Lumpkin, GA) had suffered great harm in El Salvador before coming the U.S.: he was threatened to death constantly by gang members he would arrest and testify against, and on two occasions, he was shot at by gang members—the last incident resulting in a bullet wound, which made him realize he either fled his country, or he would surely die.
If a foreign national suffers harm abroad and/or fears he will suffer harm in the future, he has the right to apply for protection under U.S. law. Please contact an immigration attorney if you or someone you know needs help fighting deportation.
Johanna Cochran, Associate Attorney
Charles Kuck

Managing Partner