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Five Immigration Tips for 2016!

By January 3, 2016No Comments

Below are five helpful tips that will better prepare you for filing any applications in the future, as well as important advice in case ICE ever comes to your home:
1.       File your tax returns every single year, and make sure that you file under the correct category and only claim those for which you are legally eligible.  Be sure to meet with an experienced tax specialist when preparing your tax returns, so they give you the proper advice for how to file.  Also, it is a good idea to request your tax return transcripts directly from the IRS once they have been processed and keep those for your records.

2.       Make sure to obtain copies of your entire immigration file from your previous attorney or what you filed on your own before coming in to meet with one of our attorneys.  We will better be able to help you if we know what was filed, and it will cause less delay to come in with all of your documents in hand.

3.       If you have ever been arrested, charged or convicted of a crime, you should be sure to obtain a certified disposition from the clerk of the court in the county where the arrest occurred.  This includes dispositions even if the case was dismissed or you only had to pay a fine.  It is best to request two sets.  This will be useful if they are ever needed on an urgent basis.

4.       Keep copies of documents with your name, such as bills, lease agreements, paystubs, etc, that will cover every few months of every year.  This is so that you have proof of your continuous presence in the U.S. if and when it is ever needed.  If you recently entered the United States, be sure to keep a copy of proof of your entry or obtain a document in your name with your address as soon as possible.  Often times proving your date of entry is a requirement for many types of applications

5.       If ICE comes to your home, you are NEVER required to open the door unless they have a warrant.  Demand that they slide the warrant under the door for you to see before you agree to open it for them, because there is nothing you can do once you let them in your house.  They will lie to intimidate you into letting them in easily, so be sure you always know your rights.
                Please contact Danielle M. Claffey at 404.949.8151, or by email at with any questions.