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Refugee Status to Be Granted to Some Minor Children in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras!

By November 17, 2014No Comments
There is a lot going on with immigration law these days.  President Obama is reportedly set to move on taking executive action soon to help reform immigration policy.  This is no doubt the biggest hot-button immigration topic right now, as the shift couple help several million currently undocumented individuals.  However, another lesser-known change is on the horizon that could help some children in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

Starting December the U.S. government will launch a program that would grant refugee status to minor children (under 21) who live in one of the listed countries, but have parents that reside in the U.S. with valid status.  As has been reported over the last year, many youth from these three countries have arrived at the U.S. border seeking to escape extreme violence in their home countries.  In recognition of the fact that these three countries lead nearly the entire world in murder and overall violence, the U.S. government is taking steps to grant reprieve to these children and grant them safe haven with their parents in the U.S.

Refugee status would give these children the opportunity to come to the U.S. and ultimately be granted permanent resident status.  As details of this program are released, please contact us to discuss whether this is a program that could assist you or your family member.
Dustin Baxter